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Event FAQ

1. Is downtown Manhattan a good place to host a corporate event?

The answer to this question is yes. Although it was once perceived that lower Manhattan was a tough place to host events due to inadequate venue space and inaccessibility for guests, this is no longer the case. With an abundance of great venues to now to choose from such as 48 Wall Street , the event scene in Manhattans financial district is now one of most prestigious areas to host your company’s next corporate event.

2. Is lower Manhattan a good place to plan a company holiday party?

When it comes to holiday parties in Manhattan no one does it bigger or better than the events taking place on Wall Street each year. 48 Wall Street a premier venue is home for some of the biggest firms hosting holiday events each year.

3. How do you choose the right event production company to handle your company’s event in downtown Manhattan?

When it comes to selecting a company to provide the event services for your next conference, trade show, or private event it is important to choose a company you can rely on. Make sure you are working with a reputable vendor who not only has the vision to develop your brands event but also has the resources and experience needed to deliver a successful experience. At MMEink we have over two decades of experience in producing high profile corporate events. You talk and we listen, providing you with a cohesive plan to achieve your events vision all while keeping your budget in mind.

4. What should you look for when selecting a venue to host your corporate conference?

When selecting a venue for your company’s conference it is usually important to find a venue that is suitable for both a keynote speaker and breakout sessions. A popular downtown venue is 48 Wall Street which maintains a lower concourse level that can be broken out into multiple separate spaces to be utilized for smaller meetings or break areas.

5. What are the best hotels to use to accommodate your out of town guests when hosting an event in lower Manhattan?

When making accommodations for your guest from out of town it is important to select a hotel that is located in close proximity you event venue. Some of the best hotels are located in the Financial District located right off of Wall Street. The Andaz Hotel Marriott and Conrad Hotel are some of the most common sites used by companies to lodge their guests. Discounted room blocks are usually available to you if you are reserving multiple rooms. This all can be handle directly by you as the planner or you can work with a DMC company like MMEink to arrange all of your travel, entertainment, and event logistics.

6. Do events in Manhattan and downtown Manhattan require permits with the city?

Depending on your events production needs you might be required to file a permit with New York City. If you plan on utilizing public areas such as the street or sidewalk for your event it is wise to file a permit with the city. In most cases tents, event carpeting, lighting, and event parking are production services that require a permit which must be filed with the city. This can be done directly by you as the planner or have an event production team file on your behalf. It is usually easier to work with an event company such as MMEink to expedite the permit process as they usually have experience in the do’s and the don’ts when it comes to events and permitting in New York City.

7. What is the best catering company to use for your New York City downtown corporate event?

Many of the venues in New York City maintain a recommended vendor list. It is usually best to choose from this list as the vendor is often familiar with the event space. It also narrows down your selection to reputable catering company choices. However, if you are not happy with the choices provided and you are looking for something much different than the same old then you need to find a company who can accommodate your needs. The hospitality team at MMEink provides creative catering services for high profile corporate events in New York City. Specializing in corporate catering events for downtown Manhattan, MMEink provides impeccable service, delicious cuisine choices, and maintains a creative vision to help you plan and execute your event from start to finish.

8. Where can I rent event furniture from for my corporate event in New York City?

Whether you are planning a corporate conference, annual summit or sales and marketing meeting there is a good chance your event may require event furnishings. When selecting a rental company it is important to make sure you are able to find a rental house that can provide you with the services that best suit your budget and event needs. A majority of the rental houses supply furniture and event furnishings at a fixed rental rate and charge additional for delivery. If your event requires the rental items to be setup onsite it is important that you express this to your selected vendor as most standard rental rates only include a pickup and drop off of materials. MMEink provides a variety of event furnishings, event furniture and prop rentals for events in the New York City area. As a reputable rental company you can always expect your rental items to be pristine and on time for your event.

9. What is the best downtown New York venue to host a nonprofit event in?

When it comes to planning nonprofit galas or fundraising events in lower Manhattan it is best to select a venue that provides your guest with a special event experience. Selecting a venue that maintains a historic past is always a good choice to insure your event guest list turns out. One of the most popular event venues downtown to host your nonprofit event at are 48 Wall Street.

10. Who is the best event company to hire to plan your downtown corporate event?

When it comes to putting all your eggs in one basket you better make sure you select the right company to plan and execute your event. MMEink specializes in planning high profile events such as corporate conferences and marketing activations in downtown Manhattan. Providing a turnkey solution as your event partner MMEink provides a variety of event services in-house.

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