Bar & Bat Mitzvah's
Bar & Bat Mitzvah's
At MMEink we specialize in producing Bar and Bat Mitzvah events. As your creative partner we make the planning process easy, we provide a variety of in-house services that allow us to plan your party from start to finish.
Bar Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies
Mitzvah Ceremonies
We recognize what an honor it is to be a part of such a special day in your child's life. That is why we make sure when it comes to the special day we go above and beyond for our clients.
Mitzvah Celebrations
Mitzvah Celebrations
MMEink is your creative partner for developing a mitzvah celebration that will exceed your guest wildest expectations. As a creative agency, we specialize in developing an original event that is more about you and less about us.
Bar & Bat Mitzvah's Planning
Bar & Bat Mitzvah's
When you want to go the extra mile for your child at his or her Bar or Bat Mitzvah it is important to have the right team on your side. MMEink is that team, we treat each and every event that we produce like our own making sure no detail goes unnoticed.
Bar & Bat Mitzvah Decor
Bar & Bat Mitzvah Decor
Our seasoned team of planners have over two decades of experience in producing Bar & Bat Mitzvah events.
Bar & Bat Mitzvah's
Bar & Bat Mitzvah's
Mitzvah Decor
Bar & Bat Mitzvah Decor
Mitzvah Ceremonies
Mitzvah Ceremonies

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Event Planning

When planning to celebrate your child's transition into adulthood, there is only one way to do it: the right way. Such a special day requires a great deal of planning and we are up to the task. Our seasoned team of planners have over two decades of experience in producing Bar & Bat Mitzvah events. We will assist you in creating an event that is designed to fit your needs while keeping your budget in mind. Providing you with the latest and greatest in Décor, Musical Entertainment, and Production Services, we don't just follow the trends, we help to create them. Partner with us in making your child a trend-setter on their journey into adulthood.

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Planning Your Party

MMEink specializes in creating unique Bar, Bat, & B'nai Mitzvahs. When selecting the entertainment and production for such a beautiful simcha occasion it is important that you choose the right company to handle such an event. With over 20 years of experience in planning and performing at Bar, Bat & B'nai Mitzvahs, MMEink is committed to making your dreams become a reality. We will work with you to develop a creative direction for the event and ensure that everything contributes to making your young adult the star of their own celebration.

Novely Briefcase featured as part of our detailed custom Bar & Bat Mizvah event planning services


Whether taking a traditional route or going for an extravagant affair, MMEink can line up the correct music entertainment to fit your needs. Ensure that your child hears the music they want to hear using the perfect disc jockey or band for your needs. Surprise your child with a special celebrity performance, or make your talented child the star of their own performance. We can mix musical styles as well, allowing a dynamic MC to turn the mundane into the extraordinary by pumping up your guests with a DJ & traditional performer pairing.

Exciting Musical entertainment options for our Bar & Bat Mizvah events


MMEink lighting designers will provide you with the very best in lighting services for your special day. Our design team will help you select the right choice of lighting in order to create the desired ambience for your child's special day. Our lighting services include: Ambient Lighting, Pin Lighting, Up Lighting, Personalized Monograms, Intelligent Lighting, LED Lighting, and Laser Light shows. Give your EDM-loving child a dance floor light show that emulates a music festival, highlight moments of importance, or splash your child's name in lights across the entire venue.

Custom Lighting options for Bar & Bat Mitzvah events


MMEink is proud to offer not just musical entertainment, but a wide range of options that leave your child and guests beyond satisfied. Whether it is a high-profile role model of your child delivering a speech and advice for their journey into adulthood, a dance crew performing throughout your event, or a talented visual artist, we can provide a unique experience that truly makes your Bar or Bat Mitzvah an event to be remembered.

Custom fitted Lids hats and caps for Bar Mitzvah events in NYC area

Event Design

Each and every Bar, Bat, or B'nai Mitzvah that we produce is unique, because we customize your event to your specifications and needs. MMEink does all of this while keeping your event budget in mind. We will design and create the ideal experience that your child will remember and be thankful for forever. Whether your goal is a traditional family party, an extravagant party, or an event that makes your child the star of the night, MMEink has the tools to make the event happen and exceed all expectations.

Custom Tailored Event Design for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs celebrations


The inspired gourmet division at MMEInk is a creative food studio that delivers a first class dining experience for your Bar, Bat or B'nai Mitzvah. Our team will assist you in developing a menu that is custom tailored to fit your party's needs. Developing an exciting food experience for your guests requires much more than just satisfying an appetite. The culinary team at MMEink specializes in designing a menu that not only uses the very freshest of ingredients, but is accompanied by a variety of fun props and décor accents. Our catering services can accommodate any size, theme, or individual requirements, in virtually any location. Whether you choose seated options, buffets, small plates and or globally inspired specialty stations; we bring your vision to life.

The best appetizing salads available for Bar & Bat Mitzvah events


MMEink is proud to offer its clients the very best in Event Décor and Furniture Rental. Whether it is from our catalog or something custom designed to fit your child's personality, we can make any Mitvah a unique experience. Combined with the right Décor, Lighting, and Creative Vision, our rentals mold your venue into exactly how you want it to appear for your child and guests. Make them feel like they are at a Hollywood awards ceremony, a concert, an overseas paradise, or anything you can think of. We will work with you to make it happen.

Beautiful & comfortable furntiure & décor rental options for Bar & Bat Mitzvah events

Mitzvah Forms

Use the forms below to customize a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Mitzvah Formality Form
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Mitzvah Candle Ceremony Form
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Mitzvah Montage Form
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Personalized lighting design employed over Bar Mitzvah event entrance Custom event design created for exotic and fun Bat Mitzvah Classy and cool event design for exciting and fun NYC Bar Mitzvah Event design for Bar Mitzvah includes LED Video Screens, matching furniture and décor. Spacious event design and luxury furniture décor rentals avaible for all Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Our expert event planning team can map out every detail for your Bar or Batz Mitzvah Beautiful floral designs created for upscale NYC Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Floral Designers create elegant center pieces that seamlessly integrate with ambient event lighting at Bar & Bat mitzvahs Personalized Event Design for Bar Mitzvah with overal blue and orange color theme Oxygen Bar used as extra Noveltly Entertainment for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs brings a touch of flair to events California Speed Arcade consoles as extra entertainment at upscale NYC Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Costumes and props available to make Bar & Bat Mitzvahs fun and entertaining Professional Airbrush artist paints unbelievable custom t-shirts for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs Lids providing custom fitted hats and caps for any Bar or Bat Mitzvah Novel appetizer briefcase brings a new level of entertainment to Bar or Bat Mitzvah Dancers and performers invite birthday boy on stage to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah

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