Custom Floral design for high end event in NYC
Floral Design
Our experienced event team will assist you in planning an event that will align with your company's expectations, combining creative vision with budget sensitivity to ensure that your event is unique and satisfying.
Floral Design
Floral Design

Floral Design

We see flowers as a key component to an event's overall design. Our floral arrangements and design components are thoughtfully crafted and styled to accompany your event's look and feel. Our expertise enables us to provide you with an original style while keeping your event budget in mind. We create beautiful, meaningful floral arrangements that punctuate and enhance special moments.

Custom Designs

MMEink is proud to offer its clients the very best in floral design. Our in-house design team will customize your special event from concept to completion. Our dedicated team of professionals will make sure that you receive the personalized attention needed on every floral detail to make your event a success. This allows us to work within an event budget, all while fulfilling the client's needs.

Floral design is a delicate and precious concept that we've mastered through years of experience

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Custom Floral Designs bring a sense of elegance and beauty to any event The MME team of expert floral designers have put together these engaging pink center pieces Yellow center piece featured here brought to you by our professional floral designers Natural bouquet made by our floral designers is highlighted by focused lighting Ambient event design utilizes soft lighting and elegant center pieces

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