E-Marketer Attention! 2015 Conference


October 27th 2015, the eMarketer Attention conference was held at the New York Times Center. Executives and CEO’s from companies like HBO, AOL, Conair, Disney and more will gather to enjoy a day filled with keynote speakers & workshops, ending with a networking cocktail party. . eMarketer partnered up with MMEink for producing this year’s event which included creative branding accents, decor furnishings and top notch production services.  Key elements such as a three dimensional eMarketer logo for the conferences main keynote stage and a super chic lounge area helped creatively brand the event.  At the entrance, MMEink even created a gigantic exclamation point from the conference logo to greet guests as they arrived for registration for the event.   At MMEink we have the ability to customize, create, and deliver unique items for the events we help to produce. Complete with a custom fabrication shop and a design team, MMEink provides limitless decor options for our partners at conferences and events.  Branded rugs complete the event to keep it cohesive and to keep the attention on what’s important.

Lounges for breakout meetings were also designed to include branding throughout. The creation of eMarketer’s very own interactive photo booth with custom branding and integrated social media capabilities took advantage of social media outlets at the event.  Allowing guests to share their photo experience in real time via social networks provided an opportunity for guests to socially interact with the brand.   When creating the right engagement for your brand it is imperative to develop a well rounded experience for your guests.  At MMEink, we take great pride in developing authentic experiences that will wow and inspire your guests.  When you partner with us you are sure to have the best event possible!  For more information about great events and conferences be sure to visit us at www.mmeink.com