2016 Virtuosity Conference

2016 Virtuosity Conference

Polaris teamed up with MMEink to produce the 2016 Virtuosity conference hosted at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria. We worked closely with Polaris to develop and execute this high profile conference which consisted of event branding, decor, custom staging and audio visual services. Take a look at the splash we helped create for the brand at one of New York’s most renown event locations.

Top 5 Themes for your Company’s Holiday Party

We want to give you a head start on the planning this holiday season with our creative short list. Here are the top 5 themes to consider when planning your company’s holiday party this year.

5. Peter Pan Themed Event – This is the perfect theme for corporations planning in-house office events. The classic theme gives you the ability to transform your office space with an abundance of fun decor and creative accents. Creating the right engagement for your event can be done using a variety of performers, games, and crafts which help bring the theme to life.


4. Alice & Wonderland Themed Event – A classic theme that helps create a fun environment for coworkers and their families. Transforming the office into a fantasy land is always fun when you have the ability to play with guests imaginations, bringing adults back to their youth and their kids into a mystery land.


3. Coney Island Themed Event – There is nothing quite like a “Coney Island” themed event. This theme gives you the ability to appeal to solely adults or kids or a combination of both. I must say there is nothing like seeing grown adults play carnival games!


2. 80’s Themed Party – Big Hair Don’t care! Hosting an 80’s themed event always makes for a great story. From classic stand up arcade machines like Ms. Pacman/Galaga to a live DJ spinning the best of the 80’s hits your guest are sure to live it up big when you plan an 80’s themed holiday event.


1. Gatsby Themed Event – Perhaps themed parties are really not your thing. Well don’t worry, a Gatsby style holiday party can offer you the best of both worlds. Providing your event with nothing less than elegance, a Gatsby themed event can be subtle or bold. One thing is for sure this hot theme is sure to be received well by your guests!


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2016 Summer Event Planning Top Ten List

2016 Summer Event Planning Top Ten List

With the weather finally breaking in New York City the arrival of spring is almost here.  For corporate America in the north east this is incredible news! Gaining an hour of sunlight each day makes all the difference in the world.  The dog days of winter are finally coming to an end and its time to start planning your companies summer event.  Here are the top 10 reasons why MMEink should be your creative partner for planning your companies 2016 summer outing.

10.  As your creative event partner you can always be sure of one thing, MMEink will deliver an authentic experience for your company by customizing your event to accommodate your needs, wants and overall event budget.

9. MMEink provides full event planning and production services internally.  With over 25 years of planning corporate events our team knows how to successfully plan and orchestrate your affair from start to finish.  As your turn-key event partner we making the planning process easy! We are just a phone call away and we can handle all of your events needs from start to finish.  With over two decades of relationships in place in a niche industry, you can always be sure that we have the ability to go above and beyond for our clients.

8.  Complete with creative food studio, MMEink in-house off premise catering team specializes in delivering the very best in catering services for corporate events.  From small office gatherings to outdoor barbecues and clam bakes, our culinary team is sure to satisfy all of your cravings.

7.  Did you know that MMEink has its very own prop house?  With over hundreds of authentic props to choose from MMEink maintains an exclusive inventory of props and scenic decor making us the largest rental houses in the Metropolitan area.  As your creative partner our internal resources become one of your biggest assets in planning an event that will exceed your wildest expectations.

6. MMEink has the inside scoop on what the hottest venues are from Montauk to Manhattan.  As New York’s premier event management and hospitality agency, we not only manage spaces we also maintain great relationships with a variety of unique venues.  Let us help you procure the perfect venue to host your summer outing.  The options are endless ranging from you own private beach party in eastern Long Island to a swank roof top loft party in NYC overlooking the Hudson River.  Our knowledge and industry leading precision allows us to create a remarkable experience for your company with the perfect site selection followed up with seamless event execution.

5.  We not just planners!  MMEink is your front end, back end and everything in between resource for planning, creating, and producing an event that will align with your companies expectations.  Established as a full event company, MMEink maintains a variety of in-house resources which allow us to maximize the quality of products and services for our clients while having the flexibility to work within budget.

4.  MMEink does not just service the New York area.  With satellite locations in Miami, LA, DC, and Chicago we have the ability to work with our clients in multiple markets delivery the very best in hospitality and event management services on a national level.

3. MMEink is a relationship based agency.  Our success is measured in the results we produce for our event partners.  We are passionate about having a relationship with our clients which is why you can always expect transparency when it comes to planning and executing your event.

2. We are flexible agency that has the ability to create a vision, or help bring one to light for our event partners.  As your creative event partner we can work with you to determine the best way to utilize our services.  We can be a piece of the puzzle or the whole puzzle allowing you the ability to determine what will work best for you.

1.   Finally the number one reason why you should partner with MMEink for your 2016 summer event is we will help you achieve your company goals.  When you talk we listen! If the main goal of you summer event is to show employee appreciation with great ambiance, cuisine and inspired cocktails that we got you covered.  Or perhaps its to create an event out of the office that will call upon your employees strengths and weaknesses allowing for collaboration opportunities with coworkers.  Well then we got you covered as well!  No matter what your company goal is for the summer of 2016 we will help you achieve it through our comprehensive event management and hospitality services.


E-Marketer Attention! 2015 Conference

E-Marketer Attention! 2015 Conference


October 27th 2015, the eMarketer Attention conference was held at the New York Times Center. Executives and CEO’s from companies like HBO, AOL, Conair, Disney and more will gather to enjoy a day filled with keynote speakers & workshops, ending with a networking cocktail party. . eMarketer partnered up with MMEink for producing this year’s event which included creative branding accents, decor furnishings and top notch production services.  Key elements such as a three dimensional eMarketer logo for the conferences main keynote stage and a super chic lounge area helped creatively brand the event.  At the entrance, MMEink even created a gigantic exclamation point from the conference logo to greet guests as they arrived for registration for the event.   At MMEink we have the ability to customize, create, and deliver unique items for the events we help to produce. Complete with a custom fabrication shop and a design team, MMEink provides limitless decor options for our partners at conferences and events.  Branded rugs complete the event to keep it cohesive and to keep the attention on what’s important.

Lounges for breakout meetings were also designed to include branding throughout. The creation of eMarketer’s very own interactive photo booth with custom branding and integrated social media capabilities took advantage of social media outlets at the event.  Allowing guests to share their photo experience in real time via social networks provided an opportunity for guests to socially interact with the brand.   When creating the right engagement for your brand it is imperative to develop a well rounded experience for your guests.  At MMEink, we take great pride in developing authentic experiences that will wow and inspire your guests.  When you partner with us you are sure to have the best event possible!  For more information about great events and conferences be sure to visit us at www.mmeink.com


As you inhale, the chilled air spikes your senses and sends shivers down your spine.

That Autumn chill has arrived!

It brings a sudden craving for over sized cashmere and warm spiced rum, or maybe a perfect pumpkin latte from your favorite corner-side coffee shop.

It also means spirits are higher than ever, people buzzing around in anticipation for an entire season dedicated to family and celebrations.

Here in the office at MMEink we live for the Holiday season and all of the joy that it brings to our clients as well as our company.

We relish in the opportunity to make dreams come true by delivering some of the most wonderful and fantastical events each Holiday season. Our unique and extensive inventory of props and décor makes it easy to transform any of our exclusive venues into the perfect Holiday party. Whether it is a corporate gala or a winter wedding, we will make sure your ideal theme and mood is translated throughout the entire event.

The colder weather means moving events inside to grand spaces which still exude the wonder and space of an outdoor venue.

Whether it is hosting your holiday event at one of our exclusive venues in the Financial District for an exquisite and sophisticated Holiday event, or having our off premise catering team supply you with delicious cuisine right in your office space, we have what it takes to make this year’s Holiday celebration a spectacular occasion for your peers and loved ones. Our exclusive venues in the Financial District are exquisite for sophisticated Holiday parties, as well as corporate conferences and galas.  We have exclusive partnerships with the Museum of American Finance and Landmark on the Park.

 Celebrations during the Holiday season are always the most memorable and meaningful and we take pride in helping our clients deliver that to their guests with entertainment options that are innovative and creative. We offer options such as interactive social sharing photo platforms, to twitter walls, social sweepstakes, and micro site intervention. We can create the right social experience for your event.

With the Holiday season among us we are excited to be involved in so many incredible events in the Financial District this season and look forward to helping more clients plan their perfect Holiday Event. Here are some pictures from past events which left guests smiling and sentimental.

We hope you enjoy this season full of sweaters, pumpkins, elves, eggnog and most importantly –  family.

The family at MMEink wishes you the best and hopes to help you plan the perfect event this Holiday Season!

KP, Creative Director.

Broad Street Ballroom Partners with MMEink

Broad Street Ballroom Partners with MMEink

MMEink is proud to announce its new partnership with Broad Street Ballroom.  The MMEink hospitality team will now be adding Broad Street Ballroom to its list of historical downtown venues.  Broad Street Ballroom which is located at 41 Broad Street features a 5,700 square foot ballroom with 30 ft mosaic pillars.  The multinational space can accommodate for up to 300 guests comfortably for sit down dinners, 500 for an auditorium seating, and 550 for cocktail reception parties.  The MMEink team will be providing a turnkey event partnership for corporations, non-profits, and private clients who wish to host an event in the special space.  For more information or to plan a visit to this magnificent venue please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]



AT&T Comes To NYC’s Standard Hotel

AT&T Comes To NYC’s Standard Hotel

On June 17, 2015 AT&T revealed some of its latest innovation in New York City at the Standard Hotel.  AT&T revealed an array of new devices and accessories at the event showcasing some of the newest and coolest items to hit the mobile space in 2015.  The event featured a variety of items which ranged from fully water proof phone cases to virtual gaming and augmented reality.  The event even featured one of AT&T’s newest partners Cricket.  Cricket has been making quite a name for itself ever since it entered the prepaid arena providing its customers with better service and choicedevices.

AT&T partnered with MMEink for the event to deliver a variety of event services.  A combination of decor accents which included floral, and scenic decor helped transform the space know as the Standard Hotels “Beer Garden”.  A custom photo booth was also brought into the event created by Photomation.  The custom booth allowed guests to engage in a custom branded photo experience in which they can socially share their animated GIF’s in real time.  Finally, MMEink created all of the vendor stands and kiosks for the event which were used to display the new devices and technologies being showcased.

AT&T in New York City’s Meat Packing District

AT&T in New York City’s Meat Packing District

A ‘networking event’ consists of interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career. Wednesday, July 16th MMEink partnered with AT&T to produce their summer networking event at the Bier Gardens located at the Standard Hotel in New York City. MMEink’s inspired designers provided creative floral designs and unique branded decor to create the perfect environment for such an event.  Alongside the beautiful interior design, MMEink provided custom kiosks throughout the facility showcasing AT&T’s latest innovation.  Throughout the day AT&T’s  newest products were on display for guests to interact with. Some of the most popular devices included the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the new Bose portable speakers system.


The Right Answer… MMEink with You in 2014

The Right Answer… MMEink with You in 2014


As MMEink prepares to service the special event industry for another successful year we are providing new insight on what to expect from us when planning your next event or brand activation in 2014.

Perhaps one of the biggest growing ideas at MMEink is the marriage of technology and events.  The digital team at MMEink will develop a special engagement for your audience while representing your brand in a tailored fashion.  From touch experiences, to event app development expect nothing but the best delivered from our highly imaginative team.

MMEink is excited to announce the launch of new innovative products in the early start of 2014. The highly anticipated release of MMEink’s very own Media Truck is set to premier in the early spring. This one of kind experience is the first of its kind and slated to debut at both a global and national level representing a variety of brands this year.  MMEink will also be announcing some key partnerships within the hospitality industry.

Expect big events produced at MMEink’s exclusive venue located in lower Manhattan.  The Museum of American Finance located at 48 Wall Street in the heart of Manhattans financial district is perhaps lower Manhattans best keep secret. The Museum of American Finance provides a special venue for corporations looking to host special events. MMEink is gearing up to produce another year of great events filled with the biggest names in a variety of industries.

Finally MMEink plans to service the event industry with even more exclusive event rentals. Offering the very best in prop rental, lounge decor, and interactive entertainment,MMEink plans on growing its inventory by 20% this year to keep up with the growing demand. For your entire event marketing and production needs visit us at MMEink.com to get started.

One of New York’s Top Law Firm’s Partners with MMEink

One of New York’s Top Law Firm’s Partners with MMEink

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Law firm headquartered in New York teamed up with MMEink this holiday season to produce an amazing in-house holiday event at their offices located at 425 Lexington Ave, Manhattan, New York.  MMEink along with its creative team delivered an awesome transformation turning the Law Firms office space into an Alice and Wonderland themed event.  In order to execute and deliver the theme MMEink utilized a variety of in-house services to bring the theme to life.  A combination of life like props, event decor, interactive performers and interactive gaming were used to create a special experience for the Law Firms attendees.

Recreating the office space to represent an Alice and Wonderland themed party was not an easy task.  In order to animate the theme an abundance of decor and props was needed to transform the “corporate” setting into a fun play land where your imagination could run wild.  MMEink and its creative team quickly went to work, refashioning hallways using life like grass, imaginative mushrooms, colorful backdrops and unique prop sets to transcend the theme.  Interactive performers such as: The Mad Hatter, Alice, Twiddle Dee, Twiddle Dum, and The Rabbit were all used to interact with guest and create a one of a kind experience for all attendees.  Strolling performers such as interactive magicians were used to interact as well with guests.

If the life like strolling characters were not your cup of tea, a variety of interactive games were brought in for kids to partake in.  Life size chest, arts and crafts, and virtual gaming were all used to adding to the events entertainment.  Finally guests were able to receive an amazing photo opportunity with the one and only “Santa Clause” himself accompanied with supporting elf’s and characters.

For more information about great holiday themed events visit MMEink.