AT&T Comes To NYC’s Standard Hotel

On June 17, 2015 AT&T revealed some of its latest innovation in New York City at the Standard Hotel.  AT&T revealed an array of new devices and accessories at the event showcasing some of the newest and coolest items to hit the mobile space in 2015.  The event featured a variety of items which ranged from fully water proof phone cases to virtual gaming and augmented reality.  The event even featured one of AT&T’s newest partners Cricket.  Cricket has been making quite a name for itself ever since it entered the prepaid arena providing its customers with better service and choicedevices.

AT&T partnered with MMEink for the event to deliver a variety of event services.  A combination of decor accents which included floral, and scenic decor helped transform the space know as the Standard Hotels “Beer Garden”.  A custom photo booth was also brought into the event created by Photomation.  The custom booth allowed guests to engage in a custom branded photo experience in which they can socially share their animated GIF’s in real time.  Finally, MMEink created all of the vendor stands and kiosks for the event which were used to display the new devices and technologies being showcased.