MMEink: The Top 5 List

What to look for when selecting an NYC Event Marketing company to handle your next event or brand activation..

MMEink has been producing events in NYC and the New York area for over the last twenty years.  Our extensive knowledge has  helped us create innovative events and marketing campaigns for our clients.

Get in the Know…………

What you need to know when selecting the right company to assist you with your event needs in NYC and the New York Area.


5.  Reputation
To gage the quality of the event marketing company you are interviewing for your brands next activation make sure you are able to obtain a good idea of the clients the company has serviced in the past.   Never relay on just a website these days, instead go by the facts.  How long has the company been in business and what have they produced in the past for their clients.

4.  Experience

When producing events and marketing campaigns in the New York and NYC area make sure the company you choose has experience working within in the marketplace.  Having a company that is familiar with the dynamics of NYC will help make for a seamless activation.

3.  Creativity

One of the most important factors on both an event and marketing level.  How does your potential event marketing company stand out from the rest.  What can this company create that someone else can’t and how will it excite and inspire your audience at your next event.

2. Leadership

Execution at your event, get to know your team ahead of time.  Who will be the account representatives responsible for onsite coordination at your event.  This is a very important part of the event process as planning and execution at an event are two very different things.  With the right team, you will not have more time to focus on the event and not the details that go into pulling an event together!

1.  Resources

The single most important resource that you should focus on when selecting an event company for your next brand activation is its ability to deliver full event services to you internally.  This will cut out third party prices and allow your event company to produce a high quality event for you all while aligning within your budget.

If you have any questions on how to plan a successful event or marketing campaign in NYC or the New York area please feel free to give MMEink a call.  We look forward to the opportunity to share our creativity with you.  Visit us at MMEink for more information with your event