9 Wedding Trends for 2019

As a full-service Event Management & Hospitality agency with unique exclusive venues, MMEink frequently helps couples plan their wedding day. While organizing soon-to-be brides and grooms big day for next year, we’ve picked up on a pattern of frequent requests that will be big trends for 2019. Below is a list of trends that will be popping up next year.


1. Non-Matching Groomsmen Attire

Much like how it is not uncommon these days for bridesmaids to not match their dresses in style or color, now the grooms side seems to not be adhering to traditional matching apparel. Don’t be taken by surprise if you see both sides of the bridal party walking down the aisle wearing different outfits.


2. Mix & Match Place Settings

Much like how bridesmaids and now groomsman don’t need to match, couples are opting for place settings at the reception to have a great deal of contrast.


3. Lots of Purple

All shades of purple are becoming more popular. Everything from lavender and lilac to periwinkle and violet is being requested in upcoming weddings. Not just floral arrangements either, purple is being used in lighting to set the mood of calmness but also of grandeur.


4. Incorporating Nature as a Theme

A trend that seems to be picking up momentum is “Natural”. We are often asked to create designs of bringing the outside IN. Next year you will be seeing lots of greenery and brown replacing the use of traditional flowers as centerpieces, backdrops and other décor.


5. Smaller Plates

Couples setting up the menu for the reception are having a hard time making decisions on what to order. A clever solution has been to decide to have smaller portions with the opportunity for their guests to enjoy more options. 2019 will be the year of more dining courses on a smaller scale.


6. Vibrant Colors

Instead of the traditional subtle pastel colors of weddings in the past, brides for next year are going bold with their color choices. You can look forward to weddings of 2019 to be saturated in bright colors.


7. Hanging Floral Arrangements

Turning into a big request for weddings next year, floral décor that hangs is not only a new way to handle centerpieces they also save table space.


8. Chrome & Silver

Steering away from gold being used in recent years. Brides and grooms to be are switching to using silver and chrome for accents, décor, place settings and more.


9. Technological Weddings

New technologies such as video-mapping and drones are finding ways to be useful at weddings. It will not be uncommon next year to see couples employing the use of drones to video and take pictures of their big day from angles and heights never before available.