New at MMEink in 2020
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at MME in 2020
MMEink has many new and exciting things in store for our clients this year. New technology, new ways to engage your audience, new rentals, improved event spaces and much more!
New for 2020
What's New for 2020

New for 2020

At MMEink we are constantly improving our company and trying new and exciting things that will benefit our clients. 2020 is no different and it's already shaping up to be a great year with the changes we have on the horizon. This year we will be offering our clients exciting event venues, unique mobile food carts, stylish new rentals, expanded catering services and even Momma's Meatball delivery!

Mobile Food Carts

What was once old is NEW AGAIN! 2020 is the year we bring back the food cart concept in an exceptional way. Once developed in World War II these unique food trucks have a unique demeanor that will make the best focal point for any guests or customers.

Expanded Catering Division

Under the guidance of our new executive chef and culinary team we will be expanding our catering division to offer even more dining options to our clients in 2020. We are committed to bringing our first class dining experience to you and your guests wherever they may be.

New Unique Venue Locations

In 2020 we are excited to offer our clients the very unique and elegant traditional and non-traditional locations. From Long Island to New York City we offer anything from historical venues to out of the box venue locations that will make anyone’s idea come to life!

Expanded Custom Fabrication Capabilities

With the new year we are expanding to custom fabrication capabilities to make your event unique as possible.

New & Noteworthy Technology

Make any event special with new and noteworthy technology. MMEink specializes in making any event current through the use of brand new technology that will leave guests wanting more.

New Lounge Decor

Make your event the envy of your friends with MMEink’s new rental inventory. Your event is sure to stand out with the latest and greatest new styles in lounge furniture and decor.

Mommas Meatball Delivery

La Fine Gets a New Home

Momma is packing up the family and relocating to a bigger and better location where we can serve our guests all year long. The new facility will specialize in catering and special events!

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